Brand new Skype

The completely redesigned Skype 4.0 is now available. Among the highlights of the instant messenger are the improved video calls, the somehow more “Web 2.0”-ish style of chats, the improved review of your contacts’ details, directory, including information about businesses all over the world, et cetera, et cetera.

The interface with the “real life” telecoms are also enriched. An interesting feature is the ability to buy an online number – in this way people can call your Skype from a regular (landline or mobile) phone. You can choose your number from 21 countries. You can also save money on the road – call a local number, then select a contact from your list to be automatically called. The ability for calling landline or mobile numbers from Skype has been around for quite a long time, but now it is enriched with the option to send text (sms) messages. And being the de facto standard for free internet telephony, it definitely is on the telecoms map now too.

It generally looks much better, everything is organized in a more user-friendly and convenient way. One unique feature, that the old version also had, is the option to edit (or completely remove) a message you have already sent, with a simple right-click. You can download the new Skype IM and start exploring it yourself.

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