Kendra Springer – Hope

April 11th, 2010

Kendra Springer - Hope A self-taught talent on JamendoKendra Springer‘s album Hope is a pleasure for the ear. It is a piano instrumental collection with classical, pop and jazz elements.

You can also visit her website and YouTube Channel.


Social networks

October 13th, 2009

Paper people A friend asked me today: “Do you have a Facebook?”
My quick answer was: “Of course not, I am a geek!”

Then it made me think, what is it that makes geeks hate the new social networks hype? It’s not like we are unfamiliar or feel uncomfortable, come on, we create these things for breakfast! 🙂 And there definitely is an issue with geeks and social networks – all my geek friends avoid them, at least the fashion ones. It does not matter where everybody is, I just don’t care if I get a thousand invitations to Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, etc. And it is not like we don’t have social contacts also. It’s more like “you go into that fancy place and mingle with the fancy people. If you want to contact me, come where I am”.

So far so good. But then again, where am I? And most importantly, what makes it different from the other places where people communicate on the Internet?
I am on Twitter, I even have 2 accounts – one personal and one for the blog. I am on LinkedIn. I am on Jamendo. I may even be on some, or even most of the other social networks, but I am not really on them.

What is common between all of these places – they are not commercial. Even though Twitter is so popular, it is somehow clean. No marketing, no spam, no SEO bullshit. It got out of nowhere, some people were just having fun, others thought it is fun too. Another thing common is privacy – you are not bugged 20 times a day with invitations for mindless activities, fake causes and not embarrassed by someone, who thought it is very funny to share a picture of you when you had a bad day. Without asking you do you mind, or giving you any choice. And it is more personal too. You are not part of the crowd, it is like going out with friends.

What do you think about it? How is it for you? And don’t forget to share this within your social network! 😉

[Image by Davide Guglielmo, taken from]

Jamendo Music – Maya Filipic

January 2nd, 2009

One of the most beautiful characteristics of our digital-today is the Music. It comes in different shapes and sizes, different flavors and colors, different harmony and mood. Of the many sources you can get music, I would like to point out a relatively new one – Jamendo. It is a place, where you can listen and download music completely free – all artists present their content under the Creative Commons license. The portal presents a great variety of music albums for different tastes and moods, browsable and searchable by keyword or popularity.

I would like to point you to this treasury of music and give you a nice place to start – the album “Between two worlds” by Maya Filipič. She was originally born in the beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia, but is currently living in Burgos, Spain. As Maya herself says: “The “Stories from Emona” are my most recent compositions and therefore a part of my new perception of life, after leaving my studies. Emona is an antique name for Ljubljana, where I got inspired and wrote these songs.”

Without any more words I wish you a pleasant journey through Jamendo!