10th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day (SysAdminDay)

SysAdmin Day Each year, the last Friday of July is a special day for a certain category of people. These are the (mostly) invisible people, that make sure our digital day is as flawless as possible. The people that support your computer, the people at the internet company that make sure you are online, the ones that support the servers, running your favorite websites. Pretty much all people, that make sure your bills are calculated correctly, your ticket is reserved online, your cell phone has service – the system administrators, or sysadmins for short.

Ten years ago, a special day was chosen to be the day of appreciation for these people – The SysAdmin Day. If you are happy with the geek that fixed your computer, or the internet connection of that new ISP – some congratulations are due.

To all tech people, who make our lives better by taming the technology beasts for us – Cheers, mates! May you never have to wake up early, or stay at work overnight! May all your data be safe, the rest is a matter of money :->

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