Data entry in Microsoft Excel

Wizard Quick tip: Keyboard-only fast data entry.

Scenario: you have to enter a lot of similar rows of data, for instance the cells in column B, column C and column D. Column A is the position number (1., 2., … ) and columns E, F, etc. perform some calculations from the data you have entered.

Now, there is a fast way to enter data (especially using the numeric keypad) without even touching the mouse, or needing to use the arrow keys to navigate:

  1. enter the number in the first cell in the row (column B)
  2. press TAB
  3. enter the number in the second cell in the row (column C)
  4. press TAB
  5. enter the number in the third cell in the row (column D)
  6. press Enter

MS Excel automatically makes active the cell below the one, that you started from (Column B / next row). In this way you can only use the keyboard and not waste time with moving around the worksheet (arrow keys and/or mouse).

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