Wave – the next big thing from Google

A technology that promises to become the next revolution in Internet. From Google.

Google Wave has been presented at the Google I/O 2009. I was amazed when I watched the demo presentation, the features and functionality combined in such a simple and convenient way! And what is amazing for me is the fact, that the technology is as equally appealing for the teenager as it is for the corporate manager! And bearing so much potential for future uses, that it will change the way people communicate, just like Skype did. Have a look:

[Via Seth Godin. Didn’t I tell you to follow his blog’s RSS feed?]

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4 Responses to “Wave – the next big thing from Google”

  1. Ani says:

    You’re probably right and this could be the next big thing out there. I guess it will be immediately very well received by the people… Only I don’t know why, but I feel not so excited about it…

  2. [vladi] says:

    It just feels new and exciting, not like ‘the next’ email, that has some nice features, it redefines the concept of communication, especially in the business context. Just like Skype is eating out the share of the phone market, Google Wave makes a request to push the communication in an entirely new direction, combining the best features of several different technologies. Only time will tell whether it will win the hearts of users 🙂

  3. Michel says:

    Strange that Google are dropping the project so soon after its launch…


  4. [vladi] says:

    Sad to see it is ending, it looked very promising.

    “Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked” – well, it didn’t – one thing is the “invitation only” period went for way too long, then they sent invitations to geeks instead of the savvy email users, then they made no promotion of this service whatsoever, and all of this – in the times when people have Facebook implanted under their skin at birth…