January 2nd, 2009

Digital Day was originally thought out as a place, where ordinary, non-techie people, can find out a little more about the technology that surrounds us in our everyday lives and we often take for granted. For me personally, it has always been very interesting to understand how things work and interact with each other, in what other way they can be used and how they will evolve in the future.

Digital Day is not written with volume and speed in mind, it is rather focused on quality and precision. It is not about the latest gadgets and gizmos, not about the buzzwords of today. You will surely find these here, but rather presented in a way that solves a problem or serves a need of some kind. It is a personal view of what’s important, refracted through many years of experience, long hours of reading and following the news and the latest developments in technology. Every article is a result of an extensive study, reflection and effort to present it in the clearest and richest way possible.

I will be very glad to find out that my efforts are useful to somebody. I value discussions, clarifications and extensions of the topics in a way, that will enrich all of us – me, as an author, and moreover you, as readers. I encourage you to express your opinion and to share the posts and discussions with your friends, who can in turn contribute with their opinions to achieve the richest variety of views.

I hope you enjoy the time spent with Digital Day!